Friday, September 16, 2005

Journal of a Living Lady #257

Journal of a Living Lady #257

Nancy White Kelly

The Living Lady contest is past. Thank goodness. It was doomed from the beginning since the deadline for entries was inadvertently listed as the same date the contest began. Unfortunately, the only ones who knew all the right answers were ineligible. Nobody else even came close. Just goes to show I should have picked the questions myself. My friends meant well, all two of them. Me thinks I will stick to writing and forget about contests for a while.

Last Monday I had my monthly cancer treatment which includes a shot in the stomach that boosts my blood counts, one humongous injection in the posterior, and an IV full of fluid pumped into my implanted port. My body is more holey than Swiss cheese.

Not so many months ago I was in hospice. Since then, I have progressed from being a short-winded, barely breathing cadaver to a living lady thriving on spunk and prayer.  The reports from my recent bone scans and MRI’s were encouraging. No new metastasis. Even my laboratory sheet had far more normal scores than abnormal.

Buddy almost always accompanies me to Gainesville, Atlanta, or Gainesville for my treatments. For hours he waits patiently for me to complete my oncology routines. Never once has he complained. I insist that I can drive myself. He insists on coming anyway. He teasingly calls it, “Driving Mrs. Daisy.” If I had a dollar for every hour he has waited on me at a doctor’s office, I would be able to pay off the national debt. Husbands like that are hard to come by and I am most blessed.

Quite often I am asked to speak with somebody recently diagnosed with cancer. Yesterday I got a call and within an hour I was sitting across from two ladies I had never met. However, instead of  being the booster, I was the boosteree. What a pleasant surprise. These two ladies were determined to inspire me and they did. One was a cancer survivor herself. The other was a spiritual intercessor. I don’t even remember what we ate, but I came away knowing that this encounter was no accident. It was a divine appointment. The older lady spoke with great confidence. She told me that God had shown her that He wasn’t through with me yet and that even greater things lie ahead for me. I can’t wait to see what it is.

On the way home, I stopped by a babbling trout brook to reflect on the conversation with the women. Angels? I don’t know. Just maybe. They do exist.

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