Thursday, September 01, 2005

Journal of a Living Lady #256

Journal of a Living Lady #256

Nancy White Kelly

One of the most popular columns last year was a written contest regarding events in the Bible. Frequently I am asked when there will be another contest. Believe me, people take this contest thing seriously. On the closing day for entries last year, a not-to-be identified friend showed up at our door before breakfast with his entry.

This contest will reward those faithful readers of the Journal of a Living Lady who have really paid attention. I know of a few folks who have every column bound in albums. They take my writing way too seriously. I predict that many years from now, those faded collections of the once Living Lady will become starter for the greatest fire since Chicago. But, for now, I live. I write. I create little contests.

If you are a newcomer and haven’t read the book, Journal of a Living Lady, you still have a good chance to win if you have lots of time and minimal computer skills. This address will provide all the clues you need to get started: If that doesn’t work, try this alternate:

There are ten questions. Answers can be found in one or more of the previous 255 columns. Each one counts 10 points. In case of a tie, there are three difficult bonus questions. Don’t ask Buddy, our sons, or me the answers as we are totally mum until the contest has ended. The closing date for post-marked entries is September 10th at 4:00 p.m.

Our goal is to publish the name and home town of winners on September 22nd. The first three people who deliver the correct or most correct winning entry will receive a genuine silver bar or round. Those who score 100% or more will get honorable mention. Please note that this is not a Sentinel-sponsored contest. It is meant as a fun event so please be delightful even if you don’t win.

Entries can only be accepted if sent to: The Living Lady, 6156 Southern Rd., Young Harris, GA. 30582. Neither Buddy nor I answer the door to strangers, so please don’t make a personal delivery unless we know you or you have phoned ahead. Caveat: Personal deliveries need to be accompanied by a home-made banana pudding.

  1. The original name of this column was, “Journal of a ______________________.”

  1. Big Red and the eight______________ are still missing.

  1. We have an adopted son. What is his name? _____________________.

  1. Buddy was born in the state of _______________________.

  1. At some point in my life the living lady was a ventriloquist, vermiculturist, pilot, school principal, rodeo rider, numismatist, professional tennis umpire, Sunday School teacher. Is it some or all of the above.____________________________________

  1. A generous reader gave Buddy and the living lady an all-expense paid trip to _____________.

  1. The Living Lady attempted to give Buddy what kind of pet one Valentine’s Day_____________

  1. Our son, Charlie, got his B.S. degree from which college?______________

  1. The Living Lady was a guest on the _______________show in Chicago.

  1. The mayor of what great city surprised the Living Lady with a plaque declaring “Nancy Kelly Day?” ________________________

BONUS QUESTIONS (tie-breakers):

  1. Though different years, both of my parents died during the same month, on the same floor, in the same hospital in Memphis. What month was that? ____________

  1. What word was engraved on our wedding rings, written on our wedding cake, and is to be inscribed on a ribbon to be placed on my casket?__________________

  1. Who was Lily Jean?______________________


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