Sunday, August 19, 2007

Journal of a Living Lady #305

Nancy White Kelly

Handwriting can be a bit mystic when written hurriedly. Being a school principal again has had its funny moments. During orientation recently, I asked the teachers to give me a list of their current extra-curricular school responsibilities. One teacher’s handwritten response was puzzling. She wrote that she was in charge of fire ants.

During a brief lull in the team meeting, I asked the English teacher to explain. She didn’t remember that she had written such a response and came up to the podium where I was standing. Upon glancing at my list, she burst out laughing. Instead of being in charge of fire ants, she acknowledged that she was instead responsible for Fine Arts. Big difference.

Four weeks have passed since becoming the newest administrator of Mountain Area Christian Academy which is south of Blairsville. It is a fine school with a fine staff as well as a progressing Fine Arts program.

Personally I am drawn to music and art of all types. You will find classical, southern Gospel and patriotic bands in my CD collection. Buddy and I both enjoy folk art, but I have some signed lithographic masterpieces as well. Eclectic is the fancy word for such diversity. Good friends support my pleasures.

One friend made me a half-dozen corsages, some of which are extraordinarily big and fanciful. While unintentional, those big flowers have become my signature of identity at school.

When someone asks who the principal is, quite often an elementary child will say I am the lady with the big flower. I prefer to be known as the lady with the big heart. But, as surely as can be imagined, some middle school cutie will simply shorten my identity to “the big lady.”

And, as conversation often gets heard in bits and pieces, a kindergartener will probably describe me as the big lady with the big flower who sits in the big office in the big building directing big people in charge of big fire ants.

Life is short. Laugh a little.

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Journal of a Living Lady #304

Nancy White Kelly

This will be the shortest newspaper column I have ever written. The tyranny of the urgent constrains me from giving a long discourse.

If this column were a book, I would entitle a chapter, “The Week that Was.” In a single week I have gone from enjoying leisurely retirement to being the last-minute administrator/principal of a state of the art school which includes day care through grade twelve. Besides that little monumental task, Buddy and I hosted the grand opening for our new numismatics store which will now be open only on Saturdays and by appointment.

No doubt you will hear more about Mountain Area Christian Academy
and Ye Old Coin Shop in the future. That is, if I can get Buddy to bring me a high-octane cup of coffee.