Friday, July 06, 2007

Journal of a Living Lady #302

Nancy White Kelly

Just when I thought life could not get more complicated for Buddy and me, it has. Add the position of chairman of the board to a new grandbaby, on-going cancer appointments, and the grand opening of Ye Old Coin Shop on August 4th.

I was elected Chairman of the Mountain Area Christian Academy which is located north of Blue Ridge and south of Blairsville, Ga. MACA has a beautiful new building complete with gym and cafeteria. The school is expecting 250 students next month in daycare through grade 12. Students travel from North Carolina and Tennessee as well. The website is

I previously served as MACA’S chair for a few months in the early days before the revenges of cancer treatment canceled most of my life. Vice-Chairman, Mike Kiernan, co-owner of PanelBuilt in Blairsville, has served two terms but must now step down according to the school by-laws. My cancer is currently stable and the board again elected me.

I could have said, “no,” due to my hectic schedule, but I believe in Christian education. This doesn’t mean I oppose public education. My son, and several good friends, teach in governmental schools. I did too until the early 70’s.

When the wife of the superintendent of education told me I could not teach the biblical view of creation along-side evolutionary theory in the textbooks, I knew I needed a different setting. I finished my public school contract and never looked back. Eventually I became principal of three Christian schools. The second one became a nationally recognized “Model School.” The last one, Mt. Zion Christian Academy, was the largest Christian school in Georgia at that time. I am proud of those schools and the staff that contributed to their success. I cannot think of a better legacy.

Did you know that Frank Sinatra, one of the great entertainers of the 20th century, was often referred to as Chairman of the Board? I never knew why and researched it. It seems Sinatra, also called Ol’ Blue Eyes, acquired the chairman moniker after buying Reprise Records in 1961. Quite a crooner, he left his mark as a showbiz icon.

John Smoltz, a Cy Young Winner in 1996, is also a Chairman of the Board. While better known for his legendary pitching for the Atlanta Braves, few people know that he began North Ridge Christian School in Alpharetta, Georgia. It wasn’t an easy task. He is quoted as saying, “Building a school takes an incredible amount of time. In one sense, I'd rather have another surgery on my arm than go through all this again." But, as a father of four, he believes the investment was worth the effort.

I can’t sing like Frank, but, like John, I can pitch… quality academics in a Christian environment.

It’s a wonderful life!

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