Saturday, June 24, 2006

The Living Lady #276

Journal of a Living Lady #276

Nancy White Kelly

The last two weeks have been hectic. Thank you, readers, for showing your concern for my physical welfare. I am glad to report that my life is back to normal. Normal for me needs defining: up-right, walking, talking, and causing commotion wherever I go.

I have a new cardiologist whom I like him very much. He is personable, professional, and demonstrates genuine interest in my heart.

It was obvious the good doctor didn’t consider this vital organ of mine as a minor appendage. He didn’t apathetically refer to it as ventricular number 2422.  My heart really seemed important to him. How impressive.

It wasn’t trivial either that Dr. Kelley shared my same last name though he spells it incorrectly. I was so impressed with him that I scheduled Buddy an appointment for the next week. Everybody needs a heart check-up.

When I informed Buddy, he acknowledged that my action, though impulsive, was needed. He has had some wild palpitations lately. However, Buddy made it known in no uncertain terms that he would prefer to schedule his own gynecologist appointments.

Back to my visit. I followed Dr. Kelley out of the examining room as we discussed adjustments to my medications. Feeling quite satisfied with this initial experience, I thanked him and made my way toward the waiting room door.

It was with over-whelming gratitude that I thank God for unimpaired hearing.  I over-heard Dr. Kelley nonchalantly comment to his nurse, “I think Nancy likes us so well she is going to take one of our gowns home.”

Sure enough. Oblivious to the gaping gown, I was about to expose part of my matronly chest to whomever awaited the unsuspected X-rated viewing. On second thought, perhaps a PG rating would be more accurate. Pretty ghastly.

The gown strings dangled mischievously as I dashed back for my blouse. The longer I live, the funnier it gets.

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